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How to Stay Active & Connected

Welcome to the Village's page on how to access our online programming.  Online web conferencing is new to many of us.  The following is a step by step guide to help you navigate.  In no time, you'll be a pro!  Scroll to the bottom to see a wide variety of fun and interesting ways to stay active even from home!

Telephone Access:

You don't need a computer to enjoy our online programs.  If you do not have a computer or don't feel comfortable navigating online, don't fret!  East Rock Creek Village programming may be available via telephone. If an access code is needed or conference call number is needed, it will be included in the program description on our online events calendar.

Online Access:

For those of you who feel a bit more comfortable with the computer, you can join by web conferencing called Zoom. Online access provides the opportunity for you to see the presenter and your fellow Villagers. For those of us who are shy, there are ways to mute yourself or turn off your camera so the group does not see you (see Step 5).  

If you are trying out Zoom for the first time, it's best to try to connect 5 to 10 minutes before the program begins. Zoom can be used on your laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet and smart phone, and is compatible with PC's and Apple products. 

  • Step 1 - Browse our events calendar  or newsletter to find an online program that interests you. Then double click on the event to learn more.
  • Step 2 - All events include a description about the program.  Online programs will include a "click here" button that will take you directly to Zoom. 
  • Step 3 - You will be directed to a screen that asks you to Open Zoom.
    • Click the white button on the left that says Open Zoom. 
    • Sometimes you have to download Zoom.
    • If that's the case Click Download & Run Zoom 
    • then click the Zoom_exe button on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.
  • Step 4You will now be asked to join the meetingClick Join with Computer Audio. If you are prompted to provide a Meeting ID, check information provided in the program description of the Village events calendar.  
  • Step 5If you prefer to mute yourself, click the microphone button on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. If you prefer to turn off your camera, click the "Stop Video" button, which is to the right of the microphone button on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.
  • Step 6 - Enjoy the online program.


Preparing for your Zoom meeting by computer or smart phone: 


Please find a quiet, private spot for the call, minimizing background noise. You are encouraged to sign in 5 minutes early to the gathering to make sure you are settled in and that your technology works prior to the call.


How to Use Zoom on a Desktop


  • To enter the meeting

o Go to your e-mail and open the highlighted meeting invite link.

o You will be prompted to download the Zoom Plug-in, which should take less than 5 minutes to download.

o Once it has loaded you can click on the launcher or application to enter the meeting. You may be prompted to type in your preferred username.

o You are now in the Zoom feature!


  • Once you are in the meeting

o When you enter the session you will be in Speaker View, which allows you to see the individual participants in a room at the top of the screen and the person speaking in the large center screen. You may be able to change to Gallery View going to the right upper corner of the screen and clicking on the Rubik’s cube icon.

o Find your own video image box at the top and to verify your username is the one you wish to use. If you would like to change your username, simply right-click on your video box at the top, and you will be given three options. Choose the option to change username.

o At the bottom of the screen you will find an actions tool bar where you can click on the mic icon to mute your microphone and, a person icon to raise your hand, and a chat icon for chatting with the group or individuals in the class. However, some instructors may choose to mute the class. Test with your friends!


How to Use Zoom on a Smart Phone


  • To enter a meeting

o Begin by downloading the Zoom Cloud Meetings application ahead of time through the App store.

o Go to your mail and click on link to open the meeting through the Zoom app on your iPhone.

o Type in your preferred username.

o Allow the Zoom app to access your camera and microphone for conferencing.

  • Once you are in the meeting

o Once you are connected to the meeting you will notice you have a few options at the bottom of the screen.

  • On the far left you have the option to mute your microphone by pressing on the mic icon.
  • To raise your hand, go to the far right and click on the more options button, "...", and hit "raise hand", although the instructor may choose to mute the participants. TEST with your friends!

We hope to see you (virtually) soon!

What to do with all this extra time?

Social distancing is becoming the new normal.  Many of us are finding ourselves....well bored!  No worries...

Here are some ideas to remedy cabin fever.

  • Catch up on reading.
    • Although DC Libraries are closed until at least April 1st, you can still enjoy digital access from home.
    • Support your local bookstore Politics and Prose and have items delivered to your home.
  • Stay Connected.
    • Pick up the phone and talks with friends old and new. 
    • Check in with family.
    • Staying away from the grandkids? Video conferencing apps like FaceTime or Skype provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with young ones in a meaningful way. 
    • Visit East Rock Creek Village's Facebook page to see photos of earlier events and find out what's new. 
    • Contact the ERCV Office if you would like a friendly check in call from an ERCV Volunteer or check out the DC Office of Community Life's (DACL) new Call & Talk Line at 202-724-5626. 
  • Participate in Online Programs.
  • Get Organized.
    • Now's the time to tackle that project you've been putting off. 
  • Be an Arm Chair Traveller.
  • Learn Something New. 
    • Learn to Doodle and Draw with Artist in Residence Mo Willems, 1pm through the Kennedy Center. It's geared for kids, but it's enjoyable for any age!
    • Just go to YouTube and type "How to..." in the search box. eg. how to knit, how to draw, how to solve a Rubik's Cube, etc. 
  • Listen to a Podcast.  
    • There are so many interesting podcasts out there.  Check out Time Magazine's recommendations of the 50 Best Podcasts to find something that meets your interests.
  • Keep Laughing. 
    • A little dose of humor can go a long way.  New Yorker and Far Side cartoons are sure to get a laugh!  If you find something funny, don't keep it to yourself.  Share a laugh with people you know.  
  • What are Your Ideas? 

Special thanks to Northwest Neighbors Village for sharing their resources and programming with us!